Testosterone Injections

We do not have the perfect for answer for when it’s the absolute best time to take a testosterone test because just like anything else that really has to do with biology, there really is not a so-called perfect time to receive or get one. That said, as people get older they ultimately will experience a decrease in the naturally produced human growth hormones, most ultimately would like to see them replenished. Well, perhaps a form of Low Testosterone Treatment or even Testosterone Replacement would be something to look into and something you could benefit from.

This process takes about 5 months to complete. Your initial visit will involve a review of your health history and we will complete a physical as well as a gender-specific sexual evaluation. We will also discuss the cost associated with your treatment. You will be able to do your own injections in the privacy of your home based on the recommendation our doctors make after your exam.

Hormones act like the body’s regulators. Every single one of the body’s functions is either controlled by or affected by the different types of hormones present throughout our bodies. From the suppleness of our skin to the strength of our bones our hormones affect every physical component and whether they function properly. When our hormone levels decrease, either because of age or by the malfunction of certain glands, various physiological functions can be negatively affected. When testosterone levels drop,  the effects can include decreased sexual function and drive, increased body fat, loss of muscle and bone strength, sleep problems, and loss of hair among other physical issues.

Testosterone injections can help alleviate these symptoms and actually help to reverse some. Studies show that testosterone injections have helped to decrease the amount of fat in men aged 65 or older, who were also able to experience a gain in lean muscle mass. The increase in testosterone is also linked to the increase of sexual desire and an overall improvement in mood. Consult with professionals like My HGH MD to determine whether you have had a significant drop in testosterone and schedule a testosterone test.

My HGH MD offers both testosterone injections and human growth hormone therapy in Fredericksburg, Arlington, and Alexandria.  Our offices are completely staffed by our HGH doctors who specialize in hormone therapy and its application. For more information on what HGH injections can do for you and if you’re a good HGH or testosterone treatment candidate contact our office in Fredricksburg at 855-FORMYHGH.

Testosterone Injections: Are They Right For You?

My HGH MD is dedicated to providing you with all the facts on testosterone injections as we are passionate about educating our patients and possible future patients. We believe that above all, facts and education win. That’s why we have only the best doctors, who are skilled in testosterone injections and hormone therapy, on our staff.

Most of our patients who seek testosterone injections are older men who have noticed their testosterone levels dropped as they age. Oftentimes they complain about their sex drive not being like it used to or their energy levels dwindling. Testosterone injections for testosterone replacement therapy have seen significant positive effects on these men’s lives as it helps boost their energy and their sex drives, among other things.

The symptoms of low testosterone aren’t always obvious and you should consult one of our experienced doctors to make sure that testosterone injections are indeed right for you. However, some noticeable symptoms of low testosterone are erectile dysfunction, depression, irritability, decreased libido, depression, difficulty concentrating, and increased fatigue.

Testosterone injections are not simply like taking steroids as much as it may seem like it is. The difference is that testosterone injections are only used to achieve normal levels of testosterone in men and get them back to themselves again, while athletes use increased dosages and raise their levels of testosterone to create the “stacked” effect.

Contact us today to find out if testosterone injections are the right move for you. You can also check out our case studies of HGH injections for weight loss.  We want to help you get back to feeling young again!

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