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If you are beginning to feel that the aging process is wearing on your energy levels and your health then HGH Injections could be the solution you need! Here at MyHGH MD, we understand that you may be feeling frustrated with how your body has changed as you grow older. After the age of thirty most people experience a sharp decrease in their HGH levels which can lead to the low energy, decreased sex drive, and decreased metabolism that you are struggling with today.

Human Growth Hormone Injections are completely safe and can offer you a plethora of benefits that you have lost all hope of. Because Human Growth Hormone works in every part of your body, HGH Injections can be used in numerous parts of the body which allows for better cell rejuvenation. When compared to other HGH treatment methods, there are very few that work better than HGH Injections.

At your initial consultation, we will review your physical health, complete a gender specific sexual evaluation, and discuss the costs associated with HGH Injections.  The treatment process is usually about 5 months and you are able to inject yourself in the privacy of your own home. Our doctors will monitor your lab work and make a recommendation based on your exams at your consultation.

Keeping your hormones balanced with HGH Injections could be the life changing solution that you have been looking for. Enjoy access to the fountain of youth and Contact Us Today to set up a consultation.

As we age, our levels of naturally occurring human growth hormone decrease. At the age of 20 we are generally producing about 500 micrograms on a daily basis, by age 40 that number drops by more than half to only 200 micrograms; at age 80, HGH production is at a tiny fraction of what it once was, at only 25 micrograms daily.

This deficiency of HGH is actually what contributes to our bodies aging. However, symptoms throughout our bodies are also caused by these lower hormone levels. Symptoms that we do not have to just suffer through. These health-related symptoms can include loss of bone density and muscle mass, weight gain, loss of elasticity in the skin, sleep problems, mental fatigue, loss of energy, vision problems, hair loss and decreased sex drive. HGH injections can help those experiencing these symptoms reverse their adverse effects.

As MyHGHMD in Arlington, with HGH doctors also in Alexandria and Fredricksburg, MyHGHMD strives to bring a product that can increase the vitality of each of our patients and we feel passionate about rejuvenating them with a better quality of life.

MyHGHMD offers state-of-the-art HGH therapy treatments that have been fully assessed and researched, providing our clients with only the safest and most effective HGH injections available. For treatment of the symptoms of aging, stopping and reversing the loss of sexual drive or as a weight loss aide, HGH therapy has been proven through hundreds of clinical studies and we are confident we can help you gain the vitality and energy you once felt.

  • How HGH Injections Can Help You Be a Better Lover

    It’s not a surprise that the aging process gets more difficult the longer it goes. Experiencing the loss of energy, the weight gain, the hair loss, the worsening eyesight, etc. etc… seems to just get worse and worse as we get older. The loss of hormones, specifically that of human growth hormone, is what spurs on the detrimental effects of aging. For some, one of the worst symptoms of depressed levels of HGH is the decrease in sex drive or ability to perform sexually.

    Human growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland, with that production slowing as we get closer to middle age. That decrease can lead to a less than active sex drive. Because HGH helps the heart pump blood throughout the body, including your sexual organs, the virility and function of those organs are improved. Higher levels of HGH can also aid in sexual performance and stamina through its proven ability to help with the regeneration of cells in both muscle and tissue development.

    HGH injections can help elevate levels of this very important hormone and help restore the vitality and vigor experienced throughout our youth. HGH injections are only available through prescriptions though and should not be confused with HGH supplements. In order to receive the correct dosage, make sure to receive a thorough examination and consultation with an HGH doctor. At MYHGHMD, we offer state of the art HGH therapy treatments that are built around your symptoms and physical requirements. Visit us at our HGH clinic in Fredericksburg and get started with HGH injections for a healthier, more vibrant you.

    For a full consultative appointment and to find out if HGH injections are fit for you, call MyHGHMD at 1-855- FOR MY HGH. You can also check out our case studies about HGH weight loss.

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