HGH Weight Loss Case Studies

HGH Therapy Case Study

David L. is a patient of our Alexandria HGH clinic who, before recently undergoing HGH therapy, was experiencing the classic symptoms of adult human growth hormone deficiency. Consistently fatigued, David had complained about feeling weak and unable to find the energy to work out or to participate in the activities he used to excel at. Though he had not made any changes to his daily diet or nutritional intake, David also started to notice that he was gaining weight pretty quickly and consistently. Lastly, David was embarrassed to admit that he was also having trouble in the bedroom.

After a full analysis of David’s health, the HGH doctors in Alexandria determined that he could benefit from HGH injections. After only a short time, David started to experience increased energy levels and a better overall mood. Within just a few weeks, he was reporting better sleep patterns, the loss of several pounds and a revitalized sex life.

With changes to his diet and to his daily activity level, David was able to elevate the benefits achieved by his HGH weight loss therapy. Years later, David only needs periodic HGH injections in order to continue to see the positive advantages of the treatments.

David reports that making the decision to call our HGH clinic was instrumental in helping him change his body, his life and how he experiences both. For a fully confidential assessment of your candidacy for HGH injections at My HGH MD, call us at 1-855FORMYHGH or fill out our online form for more information.


HGH Weight Loss Case Study

Lisa B. had tried everything to lose weight without much result. After reaching her mid-40’s, she noticed that she just kept gaining weight – regardless of how much she exercised or how well she watched her diet. She even saw her doctor about the problem, who was quick to dismiss the weight gain as a part of growing older. Frustrated and determined to find a solution, Lisa researched the benefits of HGH injections and their effect on weight loss.

Understanding that the slowed production of the body’s human growth hormone was partially to blame for her gain, Lisa scheduled a comprehensive appointment at our HGH clinic in Fredericksburg. After we determined that she would be a perfect candidate for HGH therapy, Lisa was enthusiastic about beginning the HGH injections that we were all sure would boost her metabolism and increase her energy.

Within just 10 days of her beginning her treatment, Lisa reported that she had already lost more than four pounds. She also began to experience more energy and better sleep. After continued injections. Lisa also claims that not only has she lost 16 pounds but has noticed that her hair and nails are much healthier and the doctor who told her to just accept the disadvantages of getting older confirmed that her cholesterol levels had improved.

HGH injections are ideal for those who are getting older and seeing the side effects of their body producing less and less HGH. Contact us to find out more on how human growth hormone therapy can help you lose weight and increase energy.


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